Sunday, 4 September 2011

Out of the Frying Pan, into the fire...


Essentially this blog is a record of exciting, hyperbolised beginnings.  


My names Kate; I'm eighteen years old and I live an embarrassingly middle-class life in Northern England. For as long as I can remember my small-town village life has been a delicious reflection of the BBC's Jam and Jerusalem...with maybe a dash of the Last of the Summer Wine sloshed in for good measure. My childhood has been country fairs, winter walks, crafty markets and enviable friendships.

...That is all about to change.

I am soon about to up-route my world and embark on a spectacular adventure...well as much of an adventure as someone with my face can have.

I am at last off to University.  

And not just any university in any town in any region; I'm moving from my quiet suburban village to busy and frightening London town.

Let's face it; it's something we all do. Well most of us anyway. Where once further education was a dream only to be realised by the rich and haughty, degrees are now almost as commonplace as breathing and the big move away is seen by most as an inevitability. But even students moving to their local university halls will no doubt be preparing for a huge culture shock. While this change may be expected of most it is in no way an easy task to perform; whether you're attending university to gain a plethora of new skills, retain useless knowledge or simple party yourself into a state resembling a paralytic fish, that first year of your new life will be, in one way or another, a living hell.

So that's why I'm here.  

A regular source of whimsical (most likely) useless information will soon be appearing on these magical, virtual pages along with recipes, analysis, progress record and that which fuels the blogging world: photos.

So read about my soon to be catastrophic attempts at being a normal student, there's bound to be some frustrating stories in there for you to enjoy...or if nothing else, it can act as a distraction from your own crippling academic stress, overbearing debt and student-related misfortunes.

It's out of the frying pan,
into the fire.


  1. sounds familiar :) i grew up in a VERY rural country town in vermont and the transition to college in boston was quite a culture shock (but SO MUCH FUN). good luck!

  2. Where in Northern England are you from? My dad's from the North too, near Whitby, and I always love visiting!

    I'm not sure university's going to be a reality for most people any more, after the fees increase--yikes!

    Anyway, good luck with all your adventures in London! I studied there last year... and I'm sure a person with a student loan could have loads of fun!

  3. Haha college sucked. Not going to lie. But don't lose focus, graduate early and get ON with life! That's what I did :)

  4. enjoy it as much as you can!! London is an amazing city, I moved here about 3years ago and... it has something that you won´t find anywhere else.